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23-year-old Bubba Derby is a pitching prospect for the Milwaukee Brewers . . . and he was at the concert in Las Vegas on Sunday night when the shooting happened.

He made it out alive, and two women are now crediting him with helping THEM survive the shooting. One said Bubba not only helped shield them from the gunfire, but he literally "grabbed their hands and ran them to safety."

He also stayed with them all night until they were able to reconnect with their friends. And he even invited them up to the room he and his family had and gave them pillows and blankets.

The other woman said, quote, "I knew this man for FIVE MINUTES before the gunshots started, and now we're bonded forever . . . as I sit here with my husband and children, I am so thankful this world still has some amazing people."

Bubba talked to TMZ about his heroics . . . and he said, "What I witnessed was tragic and awful, but I did [also] witness a lot of good. A lot of people going back into harm's way . . . law enforcement was sprinting toward the gunfire."

Watch the TMZ video below

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