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For the last three years I’ve gotten into a pretty good running routine and because of it have been able to lose some weight, lower my blood pressure and strengthen my core. The benefits of running are well documented but it’s long been said that running is hard on a person’s knee joints, causing deteriorating cartilage and arthritis. And while recent studies have shown that runners are less likely to develop arthritis in the knees as they age, scientists have largely chalked that up to the fact that runners also tend to weigh less than the rest of the population.

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But in a new study, researchers looked at proteins and cells in knee fluid associated with inflammation after 30 minutes of running, sitting, or non-knee-intensive exercise. They found that just half an hour of running was enough to reduce the risk factors of inflammation in knees. On the flip side, sitting around for half an hour increased risk factors for inflammation. It also appears that the longer a person runs, the less risk they’re at risk for inflammation of the knees.

Running May Be Good for Your Knees

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