Remembering Tom Petty
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enter image description here It’s The Dude and I would like to take this time to share my thoughts of one of my favorite Rock and Roll Icons of all-time, Tom Petty.

Tom Petty to me was one of the nicest guys in the entertainment world. Not only did he touch so many of us with his timeless classics and energy in his performances, but he also impacted our souls and inspired us. When seeing him perform it was like he was talking to us individually and really cared for his fans. Tom was always fighting for us, giving fans the opportunity to see him and afford to buy his records and tickets…(remember his battle with the record industry to lower the price of his album “Hard Promises” which was lowered in price so we could by it?).

One vivid memory I have was at a tour in the late 80’s, I had arrived at the venue early and by chance, saw Tom and the Heartbreakers outside just hanging around backstage. He along with the band acknowledged the fact that we were there for the show and said how glad he was that we could come out for it. (Maybe other stars would have just blown us off…not Tom Petty.)

To a most wonderful singer/songwriter…the voice of his fans...and a man whose songs will live forever…Thank You.

The Dude

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